Ticker Table

BalancingAct keeps track of all ticker symbols and each ticker's corresponding asset classes, asset types and descriptions. Ticker Table displays this information and provides a way to add, remove or edit tickers. You never have to use this table, since it is mainly for under-the-hood maintenance.

This example is a somewhat random mix of tickers with various classes and types.  It is intended to illustrate many entires, not corresponding to an actual portfolio.


The Quick Pick window (introduced in Ticker Symbols) displays the information from one row of the Ticker Table. For example, this is the quick pick matching the VEA selection. Most of your interaction is done via quick picks.


Specific uses of the Ticker Table are:

  • View all tickers with their properties at once
  • Removal of unwanted tickers (prohibited if ticker appears in an asset table)
  • Change asset class or type  (best done via quick pick)
  • Edit optional descriptions (can do via quick pick)
  • Correcting typos (editing a ticker changes it everywhere)
  • Add new tickers (normally done directly in the asset table)