Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Balancing Act available on other platforms?

BalancingAct is Mac only.

  • How frequently should I rebalance?

Rebalance when your portfolio is out of balance.  How far out of balance? A threshold of 10% (as calculated by BalancingAct) is about right in most cases.

Rebalancing on a fixed time schedule such a quarterly or annually is "old school." Investment advisors used to do this because rebalancing was time consuming.

  • Can I have more than one portfolio?

No.  BalancingAct is designed for personal use of one financial household. A version that supports multiple portfolios may become available, but intended for professional use.

  • Why is tax basis included in IRA or similar accounts?

Tax basis is not required in tax-advantaged accounts. However, its use does help you keep track of investment performance.

  • What happens with assets that are sold?

Assets with "Date Sold" are useful for keeping track of your portfolio performance.  These dates are required to deal with wash sales in taxable accounts.


More Questions

  • Why is Balancing Act so expensive?

The price is actually a bargain, considering the value.  Financial advisory firms pay thousands of dollars annually to license rebalancing software.

  • Are in-app purchases required?

 The base license includes one portfolio with one account.  Additional individual accounts in the portfolio are available via in-app purchase.

 Most examples use ETFs or mutual funds. Is BalancingAct limited to these?

BalancingAct is completely flexible. Examples use funds and the concept of "asset classes" because that is a good choice for many investors. A knowledgable investor could choose essentially any asset (listed or otherwise) and still take advantage of the rebalancing calculations.

 i get a message that my app is damaged. What is the problem and how can i fix it?

This message can occur with OS X versions El Capitan V10.11 or V10.11.1 --. Apple recommends updating to El Capitan V 10.11.2 or later. You can also restart your Mac to quickly resolve.

You might get similar messages if you try to copy the app from one Mac to another. The proper procedure is to download the app from the Mac App Store. You will be required to enter your iCloud user name and password.