Seeking Alpha

I have been a regular visitor to Seeking Alpha for a few years. The site is full of investment articles with daily updates. It was founded more than 10 years ago -- it has real staying power with a diverse community of individual and professional contributors. The focus is on the individual investor.

I am especially impressed with the ETF Investing Guide which covers many issues that an individual should consider when constructing and managing an investment portfolio. As a minimum I recommend reading the Introduction and the One Page Summary (actually its longer than one page).

The guide explains how ETFs can be the basis for a core portfolio. It makes a good case for taking control of your portfolio as compared with paying potentially high fees in managed funds and to investment advisors. This is, of course, the same theme that StateSpaceTech preaches.

One of the topics in the guide is rebalancing, which is helpful. It does not cover all rebalancing issues, but its a start. Of course, our website goes into great depth in discussion of rebalancing. And our product Balancing Act makes it possible for both new and experienced investors to expertly rebalance their portfolios, regardless of portfolio value or complexity.

The Seeking Alpha guide is especially impressive in that it was published 10 years ago but is fully relevant today. This was leading edge advice. One notable missing component is a discussion of robo-advisors, which appeared in the last few years. It would be nice to see the guide updated to reflect this option that may suit some investors.