Slow as Christmas -- Version 1.0.1

It took a while, but version 1.0.1 is now available on the Mac App Store (as of Dec. 17th). The delay relates to the high standards that Apple applies, in this case rules related to In-App purchases.

The base license for BalancingAct allows one investment account. You can add support for additional accounts via In-App purchases. An introductory price for the base license is being offered for a limited time. The base plus In-App license approach means that BalancingAct is cost-effective regardless of the complexity of your portfolio. Most users will recover the purchase price after the first rebalance. This is especially true for more complex portfolios.

We don't all have a $100,000 portfolio. But if you do, consider this scenario. Pay an investment advisor one percent annually ($1,000) to manage your portfolio. That's $10,000 over ten years.  The cost of BalancingAct is insignificant compared with fees you would pay. Actually, investment advisors are not interested in your "small" portfolio. You are not likely to find an advisor that wants your business -- they often require a minimum $500,000 portfolio.

Of course, if your portfolio is $1,000,000 you can save $100,000 over ten years by doing it yourself. Now you are talking real money!

Here is the introductory pricing, subject to change at any time:

Base License -- $20

Additional Accounts -- $10 each

Unlimited Accounts -- $25

Invest $45 now for unlimited accounts.

Happy Holidays, and again thank you for your interest in BalancingAct.