Trick or Treat

BalancingAct has been submitted to the Apple Mac App store. It normally takes about one week (a little longer for a brand new app) to go through the approval process. We hope that Apple will respond with a "treat". If so, BalancingAct will be released for sale soon thereafter. Of course, Apple might respond with a "trick" in which case we will correct any defects found and resubmit for approval.

Apple has a stringent set of requirements to be met before an app is approved for sale in the Mac App store. These are mostly related to the security of your (the end-user's) data and personal information. There are lots of behind-the-scenes protections. Some are content related (a little like movie ratings) and others are technical such as allowing an app to access internet content from approved sites only. The extra effort that Apple and its developers endure are all aimed at making your experience as good as it can be. We have strived to meet and exceed your expectations in this regard.

Now the ball is in Apple's court. What will it be -- trick or treat?