Balancing Act News


Update -- January 19, 2015 -- Beta test is complete.

StateSpaceTech announced that BalancingAct will be entering a final beta test soon.  Some beta testers have been invited.  A limited number of others from the community will also be selected. Send an email if you would like to be considered.  A short message indicating why you are interested will be helpful in the final selection.  We are seeking testers just learning about investment portfolios as well as seasoned investors that can push the software to its limits.

You can also indicate that you wish to be notified when Balancing Act is released for sale if you do not care to participate in the beta test.

Consistent with our privacy policy, your email address will only be used for direct contact from StateSpaceTech.  It will not be released to others for any reason other than as require by law.

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